Fabricademy 2017

Fabricademy is a transdisciplinary course that focuses on the development of new technologies applied in the textile industry, in its broad range of applications, from the fashion industry and the upcoming wearable market. Read more
WeMake is one of the nodes officially taking part to Fabricademy!


Learn skills in great demand in the fashion, textiles and creative industries.
The Fabricademy program includes 3 months of lectures and another 3 months of local project development. During each week starting Sept. 26, every Tuesday at 9AM Boston, 15pm CET students will attend a global review and lecture. On Mondays at the same hour we are also planning talks from experts and practicioners for a further exploration of each week’s topic.
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Global experts for each topic, and trained local instructors following you day by day for six months.
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Get a top level training in only six months without traveling to a foreign country.
Fabricademy offers a distributed rather than distance educational model: students learn in local workgroups, with peers, mentors, and machines, which are then connected globally by content sharing and video for interactive classes. The individual labs are supported and supervised regionally by supernode sites with more advanced capabilities, expertise, and inventories.


Hands-on learning, 13 projects in 13 weeks to prove your skills, and a final project to integrate them


Projects developed during the class will help you build an extensive portfolio


Study and work with a global community of like minded people sharing your interest


Recommended tuition fees is 5000,- USD / Eur – If more than 5 students apply we can lower the fee.