Cos'è WeMake

A community makerspace where you can make things and connect with people in Milan. 

Un makerspace dove creare cose e connetterti a una community, a Milano.

Dimmi di piú

Verso l'apertura!

We've organised 3 warm-up events before official opening (in May).  Join us in March and April to have a preview of our Makerspace in construction!

In vista dell'apertura di Maggio, abbiamo organizzato 3 eventi di warm-up. Passa a trovarci a fine Marzo e Aprile per una preview del Makerspace in costruzione!


Organizing events and initiative for the Makers' community in Milan since 2011 on Open Design, Digital Fabrication e Wearables

Dal 2011 siamo attivi nell'organizzare eventi e iniziative per la comunita' di makers a Milano su Open Design, Digital Fabrication e Wearables. 

Machines & Tools

WeMake has 3 main zones: Electronic, Textile, Fabrication and equipped with various CNCs, 3d Printers and Lasercutter

WeMake avra' 3 zone principali: Electronic, Textile e Fabrication e sara' dotato di varie macchine
CNC, stampanti 3d e Lasercutter

  • I want to just DO SOMETHING instead of ask someone else to start a process to investigate the possibility of someday possibly maybe doing something.

    Cory Doctorow